Ronda and its surroundings

Tajo de Ronda and the New Bridge

Those of us born in Ronda and all those who, coming from other parts of the world, once fell under its spell, know that more than its light, its skyline and its gorge, more than its squares, its charming corners and its people, this city’s best kept secret is its fascinating environment. Ronda is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes spotted by tiny white villages. The variety and beauty of these settings turn this region into an incomparable area in Andalucía.

Our stressful modern life drive us more and more to “consume” places in bustling sessions of intensive touristic performances. Many affirm, and at San Gabriel we definitely agree, one doesn’t truly meet Ronda without exploring the area, two sides of the same identity. Just a few miles from the Dreamed City, in any direction, plenty of haunting spots and small villages await you. Visiting them transcends the mere experience becoming a sort of therapy.

We have carefully elaborated some routes for you. Get them at the reception, follow them partially or totally and let yourself to participate of the effect this corner of the world radiates. The benefits are incalculable.

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