History of the House

Detail of the arches of the patio of Hotel San Gabriel

As the old tango our father was so fond of went: “twenty years is nothing…” In about two decades from now these walls will reach three centuries of existence. Can you imagine the amount of experiences, emotions and dreams they have witnessed? This place has survived thanks to the love and care of all those who once considered it their home. It was built in 1736 as the dwelling of a noble family, the Pizarros, heirs of the famous explorer and conqueror of Peru, who kept it for many generations. With the time, the new owners thought it would be more profitable to rent small parts of the building to different people. As a result, the house turned into a residence for school teachers, tailors, artisans and members of the army - a formula that lasted until the 1920s, when it was acquired and restored by a family of the Andalucian bourgeoisie who left Ronda in the early seventies. For the following fifteen years the house remained uninhabited, used as a warehouse by a local furniture seller. One day, still for unknown reasons, the building went up in flames. In those days Ronda didn’t have its own professional fire squad yet and the habit was to count on the assistance of the brave legionnaires of the nearby camp.

A few years after the fire our parents bought the house which had been seriously damaged. It would take them many more and a great deal of love, courage and dedication to bring it to its actual state. Growing up here it was both exciting and beautiful. Its transformation into Hotel San Gabriel set the destiny of our family since then. It is a huge pleasure for us to welcome you as an essential part of it.

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